LSW Oxford Street and Soho, London

I haven't had much time over the last few months to get to London for a street walk. I felt a little out of practice and found it difficult to get into the rhythm of it all. I started at Tottenham Court Road Underground station and walked up Oxford Street to Bond Street. I crossed over and double backed to Regents Street and walked around Carnaby Street before heading over to Chinatown and Piccadilly. After coffee in the Picturehouse Central I walked back to Oxford Street and up Regents Street to Regents Park Underground Station. 

Oxford Street and the central shopping district of London is a ideal place to hang out and find interesting viewpoints and people to photograph. 

Album Art

Hotpoint website

Good to see many of the design I created and page I coded are finally live on the Hotpoint website.

I was part of a small design team involved in planning, visualising and building this website. The team consisted of a developer, a UX designer, a UI designer and myself. I did a little bit everything. I created many of the visuals for the digital manager and reworked many of the older legacy pages coming across from the old website.

I worked the Experience sections; 'Innovations' and 'News & Offers'. Each of these 20 section pages needed a consistent design layout. I was also tasked with finding and reworking the digital assets to the new designs. Once all the section pages were visualised in Photoshop, I set about building an initial HTML/CSS template page. This helped me in rapid developing all the pages quickly and reduced the numbers of code changes later on.

I created Photoshop templates to handle the output of hundreds of images based on different image dimension requirements, so multiple images could be created instantly. This reduced the time it took to generate the assets as each page was built.

We were using Foundation 5, a similar system to Bootstrap. It allowed us to create responsive flexible design across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Launched December 2015
Launched December 2015

Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Shoreditch

I spent the day in London this week. A long wander which took me from Liverpool Street station to Farringdon via Brick Lane, Shoreditch and London Wall. 

I had no clear reason, no objective. I wanted to immerse myself in the streets and let London guide me. I'm becoming an urban wanderer. I don't need maps or signposts as such. I like to simply be lost and find things along the way.

Once navigating myself east, I approached Brick Lane and decided the observe the community. However, I soon became overwhelmed by the street art and graffiti on every flat surface. Shoreditch is a place of expression on an urban level. 

The creativity is very high however not every image is to a good standard. I love this piece, found at Pedley Street, towards Allen Gardens. 

However, many of the artwork is either badly copied, defaced or simply full of tags. There are also some bold structures around Shoreditch; remnants of the old high walls, run down shops and workers yards. These are peppered with swanky new housing developments and boutique shops.

I look forward to wandering around here again in another few years. 

Hotpoint mockups

A great opportunity working for a flexible ideas company like Hotpoint is that random work falls in your lap on a regular basis. While building the main website, other departments come along and ask for mockups to be created. They have a print work or the PDF asset and they need 'something like this' or 'just like this one but with new images'. As long as the design layout is agreed upfront, the actual time to create is relatively quick. As was this below.LYF-POS