Life & photography

My journey through images

I'm a photographic generalist. I don't tend to favour any of the traditional genres. I like to experiment with natural and social environments - while pushing my learning and finding new ways to work. I like to document the world as I see it.

I'm a photographic generalist. 

I started photography with 35mm film around the age of 15. From college (1990) I was using a Pentax P30n. Experimented with digital in 2000, with a FujiFilm MX2900. Upgraded to a Pentax *istD in 2002 and then moved over to Nikon in 2005. Since then, I have owned the various Nikon bodies and lenses. I have always been keen to upgrade when possible and play the long game regarding lens purchases. I like to use fast glass and buy strategically. I believe that it's not about the camera or megapixels that makes a good image.

Your eye is the best piece photographic equipment you possess.

I'm currently using a Fuji X system for a new compact and lightweight solution. My images are published to Flickr. For a more brief spontaneous view of the world, I use instagram and an iPhone 6s.  


Working in design


Print Design

My work life started in the nineties within desktop publishing and magazine design. I was a creative art-worker in a small publishing company before freelancing as a web designer in 1999.

From Design to UX

I have worked in design for 25 years, 15 years in web design and 10 years in user experience design.

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